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A new way to have productive walking
meetings with people you know.


Moving encourages creativity and improves concentration and memory. And outdoor meetings have never made more sense.


Stroll gives you tools to make the most of your time together, take notes, capture memories, and create a shared record of your meeting.


Hybrid work is here to stay. Splitting our time between home and office, we need new ways to collaborate.


We have thousands of contacts online. But how many do we actually know? Stroll helps you build real relationships and meaningful connections.

Who’s behind this?

Alistair Croll


Stroll - AC - selfie.jpg

Alistair is an entrepreneur, author, and conference organizer. He co-founded web performance pioneer Coradiant (acquired by BMC in 2011) and has launched accelerators and industry-defining conferences on cloud computing, data science, and digital government.

Alistair has co-written four books including the bestselling Lean Analytics, widely considered required reading for startups. He is currently writing Just Evil Enough, a book on subversive go-to-market strategy.

Genevieve Long

Product Manager

Stroll - GL - selfie.jpg

After completing a degree at the University of Waterloo, Genevieve worked as a product manager in healthcare and finance before completing a General Assembly course on product management, focusing on analytics and user research methods.

An avid fan of the outdoors, Genevieve currently works for Uplight as a product operations analyst.

Stroll - PT - selfie.jpg

Philippe Telio


Building on an early career in the first wave of tech startups, including Public Technologies, Locus, Infospace and Airvex, Phil has been helping the next generation of founders learn and thrive.

In addition to serving as a board member, angel investor, and mentor, Phil transformed the Canadian tech landscape in 2011 when he founded Startupfest, the original Canadian tech startup conference.

A firm believer that meaningful interactions in unexpected settings can challenge the status quo, Phil produces some of the world's leading events on technology, society, and innovation.

Stroll - SS - selfie.jpg

Stuart Sherman


Stuart is a serial entrepreneur who brings his background in cognitive psychology, organizational behaviour, and behavioural economics. As the founder of IMCBA, he leads a team of designers and developers in building applications for some of the world's most recognized brands.

Stuart spends his spare time with things that push the envelope, from competitive race cars to high-performance sailboats.

We’re a small team of entrepreneurs, developers, and event organizers who’ve spent the last two years thinking hard about the future of in-person interactions in an online world.

Our goal is to bring the best of remote work to in-person meetings, while encouraging healthy, meaningful, productive relationships with people you actually know.


Stroll is in early beta for iOS and Android.
If you’d like to bring Stroll to your event, or want to talk about the future of healthy, hybrid work, get in touch.

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Learn more about Stroll

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Let’s take this outside.

Download Stroll from the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Download Stroll from the Google Play store for Android.

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